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The Battery WizardEarly LifeAlessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was born on February 18, 1745 in Como, Lombardy, Italy. His parents were Filippo Volta and Mario Maddalena Inzaghi. His parents were in between the middle and higher class.When Alessandro was young he was thought to be mentally challenged because he was not able to speak. He did not began to speak until he was 4 years old. Around 7 years old, he dealt with the tragic death of his father. After the death of his father some believed that the death was an influence to do better in school. When he was 7, he was at normal pace with the other kids his age in education. As he grew older he began to be advanced and pass the adverage grades than his friends and school mates. CAREER & IDEAS Volta got his first ideas of being a physicist at fourteen. His biggest influence in becoming a philosopher was a guy named Joseph Priestley. He wrote a book named "The History and Present State of Electricity". Ever since then he did most of his work in that field. Most of his historic work was done in his late twenties. When he was 29, he became a professor at a high school nearby his home town called Royal School. Close to that time he made his first invention, the electrophorus. New Battery The use of it was to generate static electricity. It led the way to his more advance and well known inventions. His next job was at the University of Pavia. Along with the job as a professor at the University, he continued to work with electricity. Twelve years of working at the college a theory of animal electricity came about. This theory was made by an inventor named Luigi Galvani. Volta disagreed with his theory causing Volta and Galvani to become arch enemies. Volta came up with a rebuttle arguement against the idea of animal electricity in 1794. His conclusion to his rebuttle was that his hypothesis was true, stating that animal electricity did not exist. His most famous invention of the Wet Cell Battery was invented in the 1800. It was also called Voltaic Pile. For his great inventions a new measurement was named after him. A volt is the driving force that moves the electric current. The word for a billion electron volts is called a "bevatron". The "v" in the word also stands for Volta. Volta died on March 5, 1827 for unspecified reason.
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