Alexander Graham BellMarch 3, 1847- August 2, 1922Early Life

Until the 19th century, it was more difficult to communicate with friends and family then it is today. Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotlanad. He was born a Scottish American inventor, and became a teacher for the deaf. He was inspired to learn how to communicate with the hearing impaired because his mother was becoming deaf. As a child, Bell was fascinated by the art of communication.
The Idea of the Telephone
After college, Bell worked with his father to help inhance the hearing of deaf students. One way he taught the students was by using his father's system of visible speech, speaking using the lips and tongue. In 1875, Bell invented the first version of the telephone. Bell was fascinated with the new invention, the telegraph and how it could send messages through metal wires as electrolights.He then wonder if he was able to send the human voice as electrolights. Indeed, he figured out the human voice had vibrations and was able to tranfer messages through the wires. On March 12, 1876, Bell tested the device by saying "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."His associate, Thomas Watson, successfully recieved the message.
Telephone Company
In 1877, Bell started the first telephone company, and he was known to run the first long distance line. The line connected from Boston to New York. By 1889, the company had 11,000 underground wires running under New york. Bell was not interested in becoming a business man, so he left Mr. Hubbard and Sanders in charge of Bell's Telephone Company. While he went on a long year honeymoon, Bell decided to dedicate the rest of his life as a scientist and inventor instead of running the phone company.

"It is possible to connect every man's house, office or factory with a central station, so as to give him direct communication with his neighbors."-Alexander Graham Bell