imagesCAIP65SM.jpgBenjamin FranklinDate of Birth: January 17, 1706 Died: April 17, 1790Father: Josiah FranklinMother: Abiah FolgerWife: Deborah ReadChildren: Francis Folger Franklin & Sarah FranklinEarly LifeBenjamin Franklin was raised in a very wealthy home by his father Josiah Franklin, a well known candle and soap maker. His father recieved great recognition and wealth for his inventions and became a well known inventor around the Ecton, Northamptonshire area. His mother Abiah Folger, was a school teacher that recieved alot of wealth due to how education was so rare during that time, and alot of schools needed teachers. Benjamin Franklin had 16 other siblings in which it was very hard for him to prove himself to his father, so he tended to feel like there was no point to succeed. His parents always talk to him about getting a career in the church, but he refused because he felt as if he had a better duty in the world. He worked for his father's printing company and at the age of 15 he wanted to help his brother write in the first truly independent newspaper in the colonies, The New England Courant. However his brother didn't want him to help.On His OwnFranklin eventually ran away to New York to find work as a printer because of the way his brother was treating him. In New York he couldn't find work so he went to Philadelphia where he found work in the printing business. While in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania governor promised Franklin funds to get him to London so he could go into business for himself, but the governor reneged and forced Franklin to stay in London for two years. In 1730, after returning to America, he opened his own business and married his wife Deborah Read. In the years following Franklin explored his interests and talents in which invented different tools that is vital to society today. Franklin founded the first public library, fire department, poice force, and the University of Pennsylavania. Franklin StoveHe invented the Franklin Stove in 1741 to regualte heat all throughout the house. The Franklin Stove is a furnace that can heat up an entire room or house. Franklin felt that a fireplace was not efficient enough to heat up an entire room or house, so he created something that could. The Franklin stove was invented to transfer more heat from the fire to the rooms air. When people had regular fire places, it would only warm the room the fire place that was in and it would take a good bit of time. The Franklin Stove replaced the fireplace by creating a better system to transfer warm air in a more effecient and timely manor. BifocalsAs Benjamin Franklin grew in years his vision started to get very blury, and it was very hardo for him to read and see far objects due his vision. He got tired of switching his glasses due to whatever he was doing and he wanted to create glasses that was good for reading, seeing, and looking far distances. In 1784 he developed bifocals. The distance lens was placed at the top and the the up-close lens was placed at the bottom.

Lightning Rod

At a very young age Benjamin Franklin started to get very fascinated by storms and the affect they left after they where over. He was particularly fascinated by thunderstorms and lightning and how they looked. Often times when it would thunderstorm, he would sit on the porch and admire their beauty and in a way study lightning. In Boston, Massachusetts 1746, Benjamin Franklin stumbled upon some different scientific experiments that dealt with electricity. In 1747 during one of his experiments testing lightning he accidentally schocked himself. By him accidentally schocking himself he gathered alot of information that furthered his research about electricity. He used terms of positive and negative to describe electricity and explain how it works. By the 1750 Franklin's thoughts and ideas about electricity started to get more complexed and in depth. He wanted to invent something that protected people, buildings, and other structures from lightning. He then got the idea of a lightning rod. In June 1752 he was impatiently waiting for the steeple on top of a church to be created so he could attach his lightning rod, but he couldn't wait. He then tied a kite string to his hand and tried to get the rod as far in the air as he could, and then lightning hit therod, which ignited electricity.

Other Important Information

On October 18, 1785 Benjamin Franklin was elected to be the sixth president of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin is an prominent figure in American history and is seen as an historical genious. He is seen on United States postage stamps, and the one hundred dollar bill. There are statues of him all over the world and he is also one of our Founding Fathers of the United States of America.