Facebook is a social website that was created by a Harvard college student, Mark Zuckerberg, in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg made a website that he originally made for the students and staff of Harvard. His fellow peers came to him about an idea for a website and Zuckerberg took the idea and ran with it. He worked on the website day and night, making it better. As Facebook became popular, Zuckerberg expanded his social network so more and more people could use it around the world. Facebook is used for communication and for entertainment. On Facebook, people could make statuses about what they are thinking, share their pictures with people, become friends with people they know and don’t know, and games can be played. Facebook is now a social network worth billions of dollars.
Social Interaction and FacebookFacebook has changed the way people interact forever. It has changed communication completely. Facebook has a handful of features that make socializing easier. Examples are, wall posts, messaging, and instant messaging. They can be viewed with a click of a button making communication not only easier but faster. People have friends that without Facebook would not be able to get in touch with them and keep up friendships. This website opened the door to keeping relationships alive. Usually people see their friends and family that live far, very seldom, now keeping in touch and seeing how they are doing has become easier. Interaction after Facebook will never be the same. Even if Facebook ever shut down, replica websites would arise.

Why is Facebook the Most Popular?

Facebook has become a website that has been favored by most of the world today. We have many social networks that are used by certain age groups, different types of people, and others for purposes such as dating. Facebook was a website created not for just one purpose but many purposes. Other social networks give you reasons on why they were invented but Facebook provides you with not specific reason on why you should join. At first, many social networks were used in order to meet other people and to date or meet up. Also in the beginning of the internet era, blogs were mostly popular.
On Facebook not only do you put what you think, like a blog, but you can put up as much personal information that you want people to know about you. While you are on Facebook you see other various people doing the same things as you but with just different opinions. On Facebook you can put what you want and people have the opportunity to like, comment, or even repost what you have. This site allows you to not just connect with people that you do or do not know, but allows you to stay in contact with them. On Facebook you are able to add events, as if it was a personal calendar, and invite people in order to keep up with daily life.
In order to stay popular you have to be able to keep up with modern times. When Facebook started it was only for Harvard University students and staff. However, Mark Zuckerberg thought ahead of the game and wanted to make his website worldwide and not just locally. Mark did not take long to create this project and make it known quickly. He made sure he was in acquaintance or friends with some big companies of the world to put forth his company fast. He built his company up differently making himself popular which made people like Facebook the most. Facebook is also the first social network to actually allow you to like and poke, which are little things that do make a difference.

What's Next for Facebook?
At the rate that Facebook is going, it could very well become a new Google. Facebook has focused on evolving to accommodate the needs of the individual users. Whose to say that Facebook wont come up with a totally personalized page instead of a personal page that only looks slightly different than everybody else’s. Another thing is that Facebook has been equipped with a search engine from the beginning to help you find your friends. However, people, groups, bands, and companies have noticed the still rising popularity of Facebook and as a result have decided to invest in a representative Facebook page. Everyone uses Facebook and since you can search for people, why not companies and other groups? There are eve Facebook pages that are merely glorified blogs. So if there are all these non-people hosted pages, what makes the Facebook friend finder different from an ordinary search engine? If Facebook were to take this idea and remodel their friend finder into a general search engine, they would attract even more users (if that were even possible). People could then check their page and surf the internet all together. If there is one thing that modern day America appreciates is multitasking. Although Facebook does it’s best to cater to the individual, they are now juggling too many things individually so the logical next step is to turn Facebook into a full out search engine.
Facebook's Struggle
Facebook is becoming a social controversy with the issues of how limited your privacy can be. Many people are complaining that their privacy should be limited, but Zuckerberg claims that the more information about yourself that you put on Facebook y\the more it helps businesses advertise products to you. With the information that you apply to Facebook, apps that are similar to your interest are advertised to you. For the many users that use FarmVille and Mafia War, their information is being leak to other websites that can see your every move (www.articles.sfgate.com). This goes against the privacy promised by Facebook.
This is not the first time that this problem has occurred, but Facebook struggles to fix this problem from sneaky companies hacking into their data. Zuckerberg said if users did not want their information shared with connected websites and App makers, then they would have to op-ed out, meaning they would have to change their default setting to “not sharing”(www.newsweek.com). The tricky part about this situation is users are saying their account settings should have been private from the start. They made a new protection policy in May to lock down personal details about a user but it was not securely protected (www.articles.sfgate.com). It was still possible for software makers to invite themselves in to player’s profile and advertise. The App makers shared and showed the results of the users score and other interest.
This problem can be easily fixed, but instead Facebook is more worried about the growth of the social network. Well, if this problem is not going to get fixed then Facebook will decrease in users. The users of Facebook want the trust and promised privacy that is offered to them. Facebook needs to follow through on providing privacy to the online world before it is too late. Without the users then there would be no Facebook and that is what Zuckerberg fears.