Rare Earth ElementsThese should not be simple one or two sentence answers. These are complicated questions that require a minimum of several paragraphs for each. Add links off of the Home Page, include sources, pictures, and videos to help reinforce you statements. I will put up a corrections page over the weekend, and that will be the only help that Mr. Snyder and myself will give. I will also continue to add questions till the end of the day FRIDAY, so continue to see what has been added. Make sure to use each other to check for spelling and grammar mistakes, and to help verify information.What are rare earth elements?->ClaireWhere do they come from?->MarcusWhat are they used for?-> T'waunaHow has it caused tension between us and other nations? DONEHow have these elements affected Congo:
  • Politically ---> Done
    • Do they have a stable government
    • Is the government involved in exploiting the people

  • Socially
    • how are the people affected by this
    • what is a day like in the life of someone that has to mine


Give a brief history of Facebook?-Twauna

How has it changed the way people interact socially?-Claire

Why do you think it has been able to become more popular than other social networking sites such as myspace?-Marcus

What are some ways that Facebook can continue to evolve to stay on top?- DONE

What are the biggest obsticales that Facebook faces?-Ilana