Technology, Rare Earth, and Facebook

This Wiki page was created by the 11th grade Reading and Writing class taught by Mr. Cody Houser and Mr. Ron Snyder at The Neighborhood Academy. The wiki page is based off of all the materials that we have learned this year. the first thing it will display is a timeline of all the important inventors and inventions that the 11th grade class has learned about. Each link will lead to information dedicated to that specific inventor and invention, made and published by a member of the class.Another focus of the 11th grade reading and writing class is the world wide effects of rare earth metals. We learned about the trade between various countries of rare earth and how it affects each of them economically, socially, and personally.There is a link at the bottom of this page that will lead you to those pages on this subject.The last research project of ours was on the topic of facebook. We watched the movie Social Network and saw how facebook came to be. We then did research on just how popular Facebook is and the effects it's growth is having on the world as well as where Facebook is going to go next. There is also a link for the pages on this subject at the bottom of this page.
Early man - Fire external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRiChMFpvwf0AxKGW3zF-pksxQImYWUcAai_hp9b0QqVPhMluDE
3500 B.C - The Wheel800 A.D - Gun Powder1023 - Paper Moneyexternal image Porter-Classic-First-Glasses-Sunglasses-front.jpg1295 - Modern Glasses1440 - Johann Gutenberg invented the Printing Press1706-1790 - Benjamin Franklin's Inventions1765-1825 - Eli Whitney invented Cotton Gin1767 - Joseph Priestley invented Carbonated Water1774-1845 - John Chapman's (Johnny Appleseed) made appleseeds1800 - Alessandro Volta invented the Wet Cell Battery1829 - William Austin Burt invented the Typograph1835 - Samuel Colt invented the Revolver Gun1838 - Samuel Morse invented the Telegraph1846 - Elias Howe invented the Sewing Machine
external image Elias_Howe_sewing_machine.png
1860 - Oliver Winchester invented the Repeating Rifle1860 - Sir Joseph Swan invented the First Electric Lightbulb 1860 - Jean Lenoir invented Cumbustible Engine1862 - Richard Gatling invented the Gatling Gun1863 - Sir John Fowler invented the Subway1869 - George Westinghouse invented the Air Brakes1873 - Typewriter invented1873 - Henry Frick started Coke Industry a vital ingrediant in making steel 1874-Andrew Carnegie Open Steel Company1877 - Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph

external image il_fullxfull.112778013.jpg

1879 - First Carbon Filament Lightbulb

 1884 - Turnpike 1886 - Josephine Cockrane invented the Dishwasher1886 - John Pemberton invented Coca Cola drink 1887-War of Currents(external link)Late 1880's - AC/DC the War of the Currents1891 - Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Coil and Radio (first use of wireless)1893 - George Ferris invented the Ferris Wheel1894- Rudolf Diesel Patent for Deisel Engine1903 - Orville Wright flew the first flight for 12 seconds1904 - Wilbur Wright flew 5 minutes1908 - First Model T car invented by Henry Ford
external image zipper1.png
1913 - Gideon Sundback invented the modernday Zipper
1916 - Frank Conrad invented first radio station

Also check out our report on earth metals,their effects on Congo, the social effects of the rare earth metal trade, and how they affect the world.Then swing by our report on Facebook.