Johannes Gutenberg1395-February 3, 1468EARLY LIFE  Johannes Gutenberg was a famous man that lived in the Medieval Middle Ages and the inventor of the printing press. Gutenberg was born in Mainz, Germany to a Goldsmith merchant. Gutenberg enjoyed reading, he even thaught himself how to read. In his time the reading materials were hand- writing which were known as manuscripts. Johannes was very eager to learn and explore to find new things. Many neighbors were very curious with his lifestyle when they would see him leaving his house in the early mornings and return in the late night. Guternberg was to himself, and did not worry about what people thought of him. Unfortunately, Gutenberg had a slow beginning in creating his inventions, soon he began to give up because he ran out of money and his inventions were not successful. Rise and Fall of Johannes Gutenberg
When Gutenberg thought he could not invent anymore because of finacial problems, he met Johannes Faust, a rich goldsmith and lawyer. Gutenberg told Faust his ideas and Faust took great interest in Gutenberg's idea. Faust gave Gutenberg any money he needed to create his inventions. Gutenberg worked very hard and his accomplishments were met when he printeed the first book, the bible in Latin. Unfortunetely, Faust was not a patient man, and accussed Gutenberg of just spending and wasting his money. Faust made a decision of suing Gutenberg and the judge ruled in Faust favor. Gutenberg lost every ownership of the printing press, and all his earnings went to Faust. Gutenberg was left bankrupt. Between 1450-1455, the final copy of Gutenberg Bible was completed and printed.
Death of GutenbergGutenberg died Febuary 3, 1468 in Mainz, Germany. He is the only inventor in history that died in poverty because he did not profit from his invention. He is still recognized for his invention and is still highly honored. The Printing Press allowed news to travel faster across Europe then ever before. Without the Printing Press, we would not have the books that we do today.printing_press.jpg gutenberg_bible.jpg
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