Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452 - May 2, 1519)Leonardo da Vinci or as many people call him "The Renaissance Man" is mainly known for his painting the Mona Lisa. Although it is that true he is a very skilled painter, sculptor, architect, musician, artist, writer, and much more. He was born to his mother Caterina, a peasent woman from middle-east Italy, and his father Piero da Vinci, a Civil Law Notary. Leonardo recieved most of his ideas of becoming an artist from his father. His father spent a great deal of time designing different pieces of art that influenced Leonardo to take up after his father. Leonardo was raised in a small village in Italy, Vinci, where he was educated by a famous artist Andrea. Leonardo da Vinci was and still is an influence to thousands of people. He created several pieces of art and is still recognized today as an historical genious.Early Life
Leonardo spent most of his time being educated on the natural arts and sciences. He lived with his grandparents and his mother for the majority of his childhood in Florance, Italy. His family could not raise him like they wanted to, so his father sent him to live with a close friend. In 1466 when he was 14, he met the famous artist Andrea di Cione. He worked in Andrea's shop for several years where he developed several skills dealing with the arts. Leonardo's father sent him away to have a better experiecne with the arts, and to have a better childhood. He lived witth Andrea di Cione for 4 years. As time went Leonardo became the assistant to Andrea's art shop and their relationhip grew closer. Leonardo recieved an informal education for 5 years in Italy learning about mathemtics, and signs of aptitude. His first painting was a drawing of a "monster spitting out fire" and it was sold to Florentine, an art dealer. Leonardo showed great concern for "The execution in expessing the vitality of the human figure".
Personal Life
Around the 1500's Leonardo started to recieve recognition for his work, and people started to get very familiar with his artistic style. He worked in Milan for 10-20 years gaining new ideas about new pieces to create. His first Milanese painting was the Virgin of the Rocks in the late 1400's. Leonardo opened up his own shop in Milan to new aspiring artist that wanted to enhance their talent. His second famous painting was the Last Supper that he created in 1493. The Last Supper painting was apart of the Renaissance, and there are alot of other similar paintings created by other artists. He created numerous amounts of paintings during the Renaissance and recieved the name "The Renaissance Man". He became a well known musician in Florance due to his experience in the church and grew fond of studying horses. In his middle age when he was around his late 40's he started to get very sick. His life was taken early and he died on May 2, 1519.
Pieces of Work

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