Nikola Tesla- A Genious Ahead of His Time

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Born- July 9, 1856

Died- January 7, 1943 at age 83

Hometown- Smiljian, Yugoslavia

Parents- Milutin and Duka Tesla

Siblings- Daniel, Milka, Angelina, Marica

Occupation- inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer

ChildhoodNikola Tesla showed genious at a very young age. He showed an aptitude for mental arithmetic and mechanical problems. When he was just six years old, he created an alternate version of the modern day water wheel powered by june bugs. He posessed the photographic memory and inventive genious of his mother and it helped him later in life with his inventions. When he was still a small child, his big brother died and it scarred him for life. However many psychologists beleive that this tragedy led to many of the mental conditions that made him the great inventor he was. Behind the GeniusHe was obsessed with self control and he had a very strange case of OCD. He had an obsession with pearl earrings, counted his steps when he walked, never touched other people’s hair, calculated the cubic contents of his food, and had various hallucinations triggered easily by everyday words or phrases. A lot of his hallucinations were of his dead brother. They started with a bright light and he would have a hallucination of the object associated with the words that trigered it. He used this condition to help plan out his inventions. He could build, test, and even spot errors with these hallucinations, all without ever building a thing. Later in LifeThough he grew up in a time and place that promised him a life as either a priest, farmer, or soldier, he refused to abandon his aptitude for invention. He went to Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria and the University of Prague on a scholarship where he studied math and physics and became facinated with electricity. His scholarship only lasted for a year and a half. He then went to work as an electrical engineer but soon left to work for Thomas Edison. He had privately invented a prototype of an induction moto that no one but Edison was interested in. He and Edison's relationship was famous for their dispute concerning alternating current vs direct current. Edison didn't favor Tesla's revolutionary alternating current. He left Edison after this and went to work for Westinghouse. There he created the first AC plant. Later he created a larger one that had strange side affects like grass around it that grew a bluish color, and arches of energy forming between people’s feet on the ground when they walked by.
The most famous invention of Nikola Tesla is the Tesla coil. This device was created during his little war of intellect with Thomas Edison concerning AC(alternating current) vs DC(direct current). It creates a high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current. This is a fancy way of saying that it wirelessly transfers electrical energy. It is demonstrated below.

Other Inventions

During his career as an inventor, he worked for both Edison and Westinghouse. During these years of his life, he invented the following inventions:alternating currentshydroelectric powerflourecent lightthe laser beamwireless communicationradiomicrowavesvaccum tubesradarx-rayselectric arc ampSources to Top