The Social Affect of Rare Earth Minerals
Congo is a country in Africa that suffers from severe political, economic, and social problems that makes it hard for people to live. Socially, people have rough time surviving, making money, and getting a good education in the Congo. According to, Congo is a country that is very less fortunate and is not financially empowered. “Dictatorship, economic decline, more than a decade’s civil war and endemic corruption have unsurprisingly left an education system that is catastrophically failing the nation’s children, with consequences for the national economy as well as for the individuals concerned. To overcome this educational deficit, a massive increase in the education budget will be necessary”.

People in the Congo work hard everyday to provide for themselves and their families for a better lifestyle. The people of the Congo are already placed in despair due to their surroundings and how they have a rare supply of things that is beneficial for their survival. The Congo's financial issues is damaging their social life due to the government not having enough funds to build schools, houses, and reconstructing the Congo's government. Most people in the Congo have bad living conditions by living in slums and in a way having to fight for survival. A popular job that people have in the Congo is working in the mines.

Recently, a video has been showed that explains the lifestyle of a person in the Congo and also shows the terrible working conditions of mining in Congo. People as young as thirteen are placed in a dangerous situations searching for elements and minerals. They are in a very small cave like area digging and hammering for minerals. Congolese are unaware that they are risking their lives. The hammering and digging in the mine can result to the mine collapsing and killing and hurting everyone in it. When Congolese work in the mines they receive very little compensation and sometimes none at all. Due to how the government is constructed in the Congo affects the social life and is one of the reason why most of the people are less fortunate. Most of the jobs in the Congo pay very little making it very hard to survive.
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